Tuesday, October 20, 2015

According To This Some Believe Bigfoot Is An Alien

At the recent Greater New England UFO Conference, held in Leominster, MA., not only were little green men discussed, but big hairy men as well. It's no secret that a recent topic in the bigfoot community has been the association of orbs and portals with sasquatch. While it has been long believed bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature that just hides really well, some have come to believe that bigfoot are actually aliens that have the ability to travel through multi-dimensional portals.
"It used to be that the UFO people didn't talk to the ghost people because they were a little weird, and nobody would talk to the Bigfoot people because they were crazy," Hall said. "I found out, we cannot continue to do that. In reality, quantum physics is leading us there."

It's not a new theory: Writing for Huffington Post, Dr. Franklin Ruehl notes such sightings date back to the late 1800s.

In modern times, it is a theory that dates back to 1973, but one that is grabbing hold as more and more Bigfoot hunters are reporting run ins with what is known as the orange orbs. Those are fast moving lights that one may think are alien in nature, but seen in areas associated with Bigfoot.

Renowned Bigfoot hunter Bill Brock was the first speaker at the conference, and the first of the weekend to raise the idea about multi-dimensional portals. Brock referenced a recent NASA announcement that magnetic portals may be real. Brock said he came to believe in them when he travelled to West Virginia to study the the Mothman case.

But, are mysterious orbs transporter beams for Sasquatch? Leominster's Bill Penning, belives it is possible. In his first recognized Bigfoot encounter, something large in the woods shook the ground, but vanished quickly In addition, he found a set of tracks that seemed to indicate something appeared behind a running deer very quickly, caught the deer and then disappeared, because both set of tracks ended at that point.

Penning's partner, Ronny LeBlanc, has seen orange orbs in the same area.

If the alien theory is true, it solves one of cryptozoology's biggest unanswered questions: If Bigfoot is real, where are the bodies? Where are the animal carcasses left behind?

"That (portals) could be why we don't see any bodies, why there are no bones," Penning said.

Jonathan Wilk, founder of Team Squatchachusetts, a Bigfoot research group based in Western Mass., said YouTube and other internet websites have numerous videos of the orange orbs, but on whether they are related to Bigfoot, he would only go as far to say that he remains open-minded about the idea.

"I have no official opinion on it," he said. "I leave nothing off the table because there are a lot of things we find in our fieldwork that we cannot explain."

David McCullough, another member of Team Squatchachusetts, has had his own experience with orbs of bright lights in the woods. Since then, he said he is more open to the idea of the orbs as portals, which are starting to be reported in every state, often in places known to have Bigfoot sightings.

While McCullough said it left him wondering, he did joke that, based on witness descriptions, the portal beings are more like Star Wars Ewoks than the giants known as Sasquatches.

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  2. Read the story of "The Trap" by Larry Kelm at the N.A.B.S site under the "vanishing bigfoot" section (David Paulides...but not the Can-Am site )...very strange indeed.

  3. This is Not a new Idea or theory.Native Americans have known this for centuries. I am glad that it is finally getting the recognition that it needs. I have spoken on this subject for years And it really does need to be explored And I am glad that at some of the mainstream Bigfoot conferences they are doing just that,

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    3. How do you "explore" an idea like this?

  4. Bigfoot are not aliens themselves. They are captured and transported by aliens. Sort of like how aliens occasionally abduct cows and other livestock.

    The best way to have a close encounter of the third kind is to dress like a bigfoot and wait for an alien to abduct you.

    I have a friend who tried this about 35 years ago after dropping acid. He's still wondering around the woods dressed as a bigfoot.

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