Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Watch CCTV of Werewofl Roaming Garden in Brazil, Possibly Bigfoot?

This just in from

This extraordinary CCTV footage shows what is thought to be a werewolf roaming a garden in Brazil.

The grainy 44-second clip emerged on YouTube after a spate of sightings of the terrifying cryptid in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos, near Feira de Santana, in the state of Bahia. The strange creature first spotted by a local man known only as Pingo who described critter as being a 5 foot tall black monster. The recent outburst of sightings in the area has forced government officials to place a 9pm curfew.


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    1. Who the hell is Christopher Crankshaft? Pure obsessions.

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    3. Ernie,Christopher Crankshaw is a skeptic who posted here sometimes but hasn't for a while,i like him he's always polite and friendly,i reposted this because like a doughnut i spelt his name wrong xx

    4. Ah gottcha. Thanks Eva. Trolls keep scrambling for answers which is most amusing.

    5. it's a human in a Halloween suit! simple as that!

    6. CC was harmless enough.

      Not troll material.


    7. ^^^ MMC or Kent Obsessed with Joe obsessors

    8. If you think trolls are scrambling for answers, you obviously don't know what a troll is. Not to be a d or anything. But nothing has to make sense to them. Don't fall into their game. Any time spent acknowledging them is a win.

    9. Sure they are, they're confused as hell. It's hilarious.

    10. ^ MMC or Kent Obsessed with Joe obsessors

    11. ^ MMC or Kent Obsessed with Joe obsessors

    12. Figured it out yet? Keep scrambling for answers :)

    13. ^ MMC or Kent Obsessed with Joe obsessors

  2. werewolf critters on U fer shure tak U reel quik lack

  3. crypits orrery critters folks knowin about it fer yeers

  4. PGF

    Doesn't matter if it's real or not. That is not the litmus test on whether bigfoot exists or not.

    Please cogitate ya'll.

  5. Annunaki messing with our DNA - AGAIN!!!!

  6. thinking more like GRAYs they been doing DNA testing for years

  7. sometimes bigfoots look like werewolfs so if yiu see a bigfoot you thinking werewolf

    1. Whatever the hell it is, I WANT ONE!! I'll name him Barky and train him to shit in my ex's yard. And maybe rip her throat out.

  8. proof that the mapinguari is alive and well Brazil....

  9. One of my Brazilian friends killed one of these after it attacked his cattle.

    1. mapinguari eats all types of critters

  10. Looks ape like to me,now i believe in bigfoot and i also believe in the possibility of dogman type creatures xx

    1. sometimes bigfoots look like dogman so if you see a bigfoot you thinking dogman

    2. You could be right 12:06,also if that dog on the previous post is real and it's got hands that probably means it can walk bipedally,maybe ? xx

    3. I'm sorry, but with all the pixels,I believe it to be a " Legosquatch ". at least it didn't have wings like the " Batsquatch"
      hey Eva R,long time

    4. Hello Skunkey Monkey,i've been wondering where you were,where have you been hiding lol xx

    5. I didn't know if it was safe yet to come out of the attic ! I like good trolls like you.
      hey joe and co.

    6. Hey SM!

      Hope you are well my friend.

      You could be right about this one. Mexico and Brazil is CGI central!!


  11. So let me reassume what I believe what Bigfoot is:

    Unknown primate DNA (Ohio): check
    100% modern human DNA (Russia): check
    Gigantic human skeletons found only in 19th century covered by Smithsonian: check
    No more giant skeletons found in modern scientific era: check
    Bipedal creature (pgf): check
    Quadrupedal creature (leaping yeti): check
    Super intelligent creature able to elude men: check
    Dumb creature able to be uncovered by Patterson: check
    Ape-like midtarsial break: check
    Human-like midtarsial break-free foot: check
    Elongated skulls (perù): check
    Religious creature (burying of deads): check
    Infrared detecting senses: check
    Ape-like vocalizations: check
    Human-like language: check
    Attraction to menstruating women: check
    Fear of humans: check
    Attacking and kidnapping people: check
    Carnivorous: check
    Vegan for choice: check

    Seems to me that the puzzle fits to perfection

    1. That is pretty funny :)

      Nevertheless - I still believe bigfoot may exist.

    2. Why you ask ?

      Personal experience - my condescending friend that's why.

    3. Nobody cares, everyone already knows this is how you attempt to bait people. It's weak just like you.


    4. What do you mean?

      "this is how you attempt to bait people". ?

      Who is "you" ?

      I am an anon. That's it. Just a guy with some experiences. Hard to "debate" that I realize.

      Not trying to "bait".


    5. Its just too easy.

      Bloke in a suit.

      Show us the verified evidence of bigfoot? We can do it no problem for every other species. Why not bigfoot? Too easy. Cos it don't exist.

      Royally smoked.

      The funniest thing is the footers will attempt to shoehorn anything they can to be "evidence" of bigfoot. None of it is scientificly acceptable of course but it sure does give us a hilarious circus show to watch. No complaints here.

      Let's go back to the packham bigfoot suit that joe and the resident butthurt footer and poster boy for footer stupidity were talking about earlier. Do you really look at that and think that was a recreation of the pgf? Of course it wasn't. If it was an actual recreation attempt you'd think they would at least get the colour right. The bbc just got a costume company to make them a bigfoot suit and that is what they got. This is a classic example of one of many failed arguments put forth by the footers.

      If we want to look at a patty recreation how about we actually look at one rather than using one that clearly wasnt meant to be a patty recreation.We have 2 examples of these. We have the dfoot recreation and the blevins recreation. Both excellent examples. Blevins recreated the arm proportions perfectly but his budget was too low to get a similar style fur. Dfoots recreation showed identical "muscle" and bulk, quite excellent really. This is the same guy that made patty bleevers on the bff look like fools when he photoshopped patty onto a different background and all the bleevers said it was an obvious suit. He embarrassed them so bad they banned him and swept the whole thing under the giant footers rug of ignorance. Also lets not forget that side by side shot of a gemora butt with the patty butt. Identical.

      And anyway the whole notion of requiring an identical replication is nonsense anyway. The footers know this which is why they use it, instead of doing something like, oh I dont know, find a real life specimen that matches patty.

      Its just too easy.

      Fish in a barrel.

    6. When you've had a BF sighting it's pretty difficult for an armchair commentator to convince you other wise.

      It won't stop them from trying however.

      Only they know why...


    7. Whether the PGF is real or not - it is irrelevant to whether bigfoot may exist.

      I will totally agree that we need much more (current) evidence. Sightings and experiences are great and shouldn't be so easily dismissed. Don't be so arrogant as to think thousands of people are wrong (or lying). That is very very arrogant.

    8. Biggest armchair researcher and critic on this site is PJ followed by MMG, both over 4,500 miles away from the closest sighting in the United States.

      Our rundown zoo has a wider diversity of animals than is in Wales.

      But that doesn't stop them from wiping the cheese off their fingers and telling people without a doubt thousands of bigfoot exist.

    9. people hear on tv (finding bigfoot) and on the net that this Bigfoot animal is all over the country, that's why then they go into the woods and every thing they see and every thing they hear is believed to be bigfoot. it's called misedintification because of bias, there's no need to be a liar.

      anyway, mmg, tell us how you are not an armchair researcher from your house in PittypyPottipy in Wales

    10. Wasn't aware they were that far away. Do they actually go out in the field and do research or do they just go off of YouTube videos and stories from the local yahoo populations?

      Seems kind of weird to be so passionate about something but not bothering to try and experience it.

    11. The second one you said, my friend, we only do the second one

    12. I'm not a footer.

      I had my experiences a some years ago. Well before any t.v. shows about bigfoot. In fact, I chalked "things" up to anything and everything BUT bigfoot. However, as time as gone on, in retrospect - alot of things certainly point to bigfoot more than anything else actually. :)

      And I have no debating the Patterson Gimlin film. It's irrelavent to me actually.

    13. 2:02, the resident butthurt footer-fearing jref loon

      The Idol of the Idiotti

      The King of the Clowns

      The Duke of the Dingbats

      The Lord of the Lunkheads

      The Count of the Crazies

      The Monarch of the Morons

      The Prince of the Prats

      The Sovereign of the Simpletons

      The Chief of the Chumps

      The Leader of the Lunatics

      The Emperor of the Emptyheads

      It's BFE's very own nonsensical 'bloke in a suit'!

      Let's hear it for 'bloke in a suit'!

      Thank you 'bloke in a suit' for this height of laughability:

      Prattle on how 'footers' were fooled on the bff. Do you have any idea how you appear on the BFE blog? Your delusion runs deep, you poor fool.

      Look idiot, BBC/Hackham attempted to credibly recreate a bigfoot. There was an attempt to emulate Patty in posture and movement, with the turn-and-look. The point is Hackham/BBC created Strutting Orange Stick Man, a short-armed skinny sad sack of a guy in an orange costume.

      You aren't anywhere close. Does your butt hurt so badly that your claims have to reach ever further into your deluded jref fantasies?

    14. 2:02... I've been busy today, but tomorrow... By the time I'm done with you, you won't be posting that again.

      ; )

    15. Skepfreaks keep wanting to penalize footers or anyone interested in the subject about the PGf being the only substantial film evidence so far of a bigfoot.

      Really that's not any footer's fault, anyone's fault. An extremely rare creature was caught on film, The End.

      Who is to blame for there not being more films and videos?

      Take a back seat and accept the film. You can't put blame on others for other films and videos not existing. That misses the point entirely.

    16. Just a damned minute, 2:02 fool in a suit, the BBC and Packham didn't try to recreate Patty? Oh really? Let's see here, from Dec. 13 2013 on this very blog:

      Q: Why can't it be done? Why can't anyone accurately recreate the "costume" used in the Patterson footage?

      A: It's not a man in a costume ...

      The image on the right is from a scene in an episode of X-Creatures. X-Creatures was a wildlife documentary series made by the BBC's (British Broadcasting Corporation) Natural History Unit. The episode was filmed around 1995 or later.

      In this program the BBC sought to debunk the Patterson footage by recreating the "hoax."

      In order to have the most exacting re-enactment possible, the BBC hired the best monster costume designer in Hollywood and even took the costume to the same location where the Patterson incident occurred in Northern California.

      How could the BBC have missed the mark so badly with their replica of the Patterson "costume"?

      In the Patterson footage, the figure's muscles are flexing noticeably as the figure walks away. To simulate that, the BBC's costume designers in Hollywood had to create a costume that would show the same effect of flexing muscles.

      Remote controlled soft-tissue prosthetics were not invented until well after 1967, so they could not be used in an honest replica of a 1967 costume. The costume had to allow the actor's own muscles to flex the outermost surface of the costume.

      OK then, alrighty, the BBC sought to debunk the PGF via a recreation. It was a direct attempt to debunk. Have you got that, fool in a suit?

      Let's quote you: "The bbc just got a costume company to make them a bigfoot suit and that is what they got." Oh really? Let's quote from BFE post above now and compare to your claim:

      "In order to have the most exacting re-enactment possible, the BBC hired the best monster costume designer in Hollywood and even took the costume to the same location where the Patterson incident occurred in Northern California."

      Fool in a suit, for Christ's sake, they even went to the Bluff Creek film site to do the debunk attempt. God damn you are lost! You claim they got a randon costume designer; quote above says the best designer in Hollywood. You claim not attempt to recreate PGF. Quote above says BBC film done at Bluff Creek in direct attempt to debunk.

      Let's address the gemora butt fantasy in another comment shortly.

    17. 2:02, the BBC gets the best Hollywood monster costume designer, and sets up at Bluff Creek to create a debunk on film of the PGF, and you claim they got some "costume company" ho hum oh kick back and relax and take it easy OK just make us any ol' suit, and that this was NOT an attempt to recreate the PGF as a debunk job?

      You have lost your grip, old boy. Seriously, you have slipped into complete fantasy here. No, you honestly are the poster boy for skeptard stupidity.

    18. OK 2:02 bloke in a suit, you're busted.

      Your claim that Jeff Pruitt AKA Dfoot tricked all the footers at the BFF by superimposing image of Patty onto different background is not accurate:

      Dfoot cobbled together different pieces of Patty from different parts of the PGF and created a Frankenpatty.

      2:02, he distorted the images of Patty. He didnt simply lift a Patty image onto a new BG. He created a new cobbled together image of Patty.

      He distorted Patty's image to change her proportions, then claimed he'd trapped all those who said the image looked wrong (which it did), by saying Ah ha, it IS Patty, I have trapped you all, I win, yipee.

      That's cheating, and old jref trick.

      You are guilty of it 2:02 by propagating Pruitt's/Dfoot's hoax and claiming it's "real." You can see some of the photos created by Dfoot at the link above.

      This is dishonest and delusional. The delusional part is you 2:02 claiming that Dfoot ambushed and tricked hundreds of hapless footers by inserting an image of Patty, and some footers doubting the image. 2:02, they doubted it because it wasn't Patty, it was Frankenpatty; it was a montage of images from the PGF pieced together to create something which didn't look right, with different proportions than what you see if you watch the PGF.

      It is delusional to bleeve that Dfoot tricked and fooled all footers. You are overlooking those who called him out on this prank, and that he altered the image of Patty. Again, so you understand, he did not superimpose a select image of Patty from one still from the PGF onto an urban background; instead he used many Patty images, when she was at varying distances from Roger's camera (and so changing size and proportions due to varying distance and angle), and created a new figure out of these pieces.

      What you have claimed here on BFE is simply another hoax. You are simply regurgitating what Dfoot already did. You are lying about why he was booted from the BFFl You are lying about what he did with the Patty image.

      Line up your heroes: Dfoot, Packham, Bob H, Blevins.

      It's not looking good, 2:02.

  12. hoax by local drug cartel to scare the folks away.

    1. folks have spent shell casings that say different

  13. cryptids all abouts in Brazil for sure

  14. massive GRAY base in Brazil would explain a lot of UFOs attacked on villages

  15. I got me some silver AK rounds fer tham thar werewolfs

  16. AKs takes care of all types of crptids, and hogs 1 shot 1 kill.

  17. 巴西, 通配符男子开枪射击,将带给您不幸

    1. Watch yer mouth mister. This is a family establishment.

  18. I was watching ancient aliens the other night and they were talking about the cattle mutilations. One of the signs is something called anal coring. Whats up with that?

    1. Anal Coring played the butler in all those old Little Rascal episodes that had the rich kid in it. He was great.

  19. So IF Bigfoot exists, prove it!! Should be easy right? Well, ready, 1, 2, 3 go!!!

    1. Hey Dope, what is the name of the blog your at. It's not Bigfoot Proof. You do understand the difference btween evidence and proof don't you. We have evidence, we don't have proof. When we have proof, Shawn will change the name of this blog to Bigfoot Proof. Man your a slow one.