Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Press Release: Bigfoot On Demand – New York State Conference on Bigfoot legend being made available online

A NYS Conference of Bigfoot experts is interesting viewing for devotees and the naturally curious. Visit

Chautauqua County, NY — A Bigfoot conference held recently at Chautauqua Lake in western New York State is being made available online for a nominal fee. Currently the only Bigfoot conference in the world available on demand summarizes three days of presentations by experts on the Bigfoot phenomenon as seen at a kid friendly and adult professional event.

“The Animal Planet Network television series, "Finding Bigfoot" certainly added to the mystique,” notes Peter Wiemer, director of the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo. “And people naturally share a fascination for information discovered and seen by eyewitnesses. Opinion polling shows nearly 30% of Americans open to the idea of Bigfoot’s existence, so our video does benefit from a ready-made market.”

Competing with TV Networks, Cable, NetFlix, Amazon and others, is cutting a wake into the television community by offering Bigfoot believers, numbering in the millions worldwide, another choice of TV viewing available on the Internet.

Conference participants learned about Bigfoot, legendary ape-like humans who have been repeatedly sighted across much of the United States as well as other countries including Canada, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and beyond. At this year’s event, 82-year-old Bob Gimlin, from Washington State, spoke about his Bigfoot sighting from the “Patterson – Gimlin Bigfoot film of 1967 in Orleans, California of a female Bigfoot.” You can see Bob Gimlin and catch a glimpse of a New York State Bigfoot conference on this year’s video trailer.

Are Bigfoot type creatures living in natural harmony with civilization here and in other remote areas of North America? “Fourteen local eyewitnesses to Bigfoot sightings in WNY State who resolved themselves to me do indeed make me a believer for no other reason then believing they know what they saw,” said Wiemer. There are hundreds of documented sightings in the USA and hundreds more around the world. The town hall meeting at this year’s event had adults and children attesting to their personal Bigfoot sightings and gave those who attended and watching on demand a feeling of belief.

Will New York State or the US Government make Bigfoots / Sasquatches a protected species…? An indigenous humanoid species that pre dated Christopher Columbus and the American Indians certainly deserves some kind of protection under a State or National law. “I wrote New York State and President Obama requesting Protected Species status for Bigfoots / Sasquatches ”, said Wiemer. “NYS weighed in by writing ‘This mythical animal does not exist in nature or otherwise… that there is no such animal anywhere in the World’.” No comment as of yet from President Obama…


  1. That was my last First, I am officially retiring from firsting

    1. ^will you join the dark side of anti-firsting?

  2. butthurt footer on the previous thread got smoked

    he thinks the body proportions of patty are not human

    what a looney tooner

    1. I met Bob G several years ago. If it were not for the impression he gave, I admit, BF would not have interested me at all. He made me believe his story. BF or man in a suit, That old man believed then and believes now. Bob H is a clown, comparing the two is like comparing a donkey and a race horse. Bob H reminds me of an old burned out drunk or something of that caliber. Bob G on the other hand, seems straight on all things, BF or not.

    2. Skeptool looneytarder on previous post got smoked.

      Delusional dimwit skepfool bleeves fervently that shoulder pads will bring hands closer to knees.

      Also bleeves elevator shoes will bring knees closer to hips.

      Poor sod just can't hack it on here.

      The action is still going on, and the loonertarder skeptool is STILL getting smoked.

      Why does that looneytarder stand still during target practice? The pwnage is too easy. Fish in a barrel.

    3. That shoulder pad claim is the worst attempt at disinformation I've seen in a while. Shoulder pads are going to lower your hands to your knees? Come on. This is infantile.

      Patty's hands are about to her knees. No shoulder pads in the world explain that away. My God. Are there magic miraculous shoulder pads now, which actually LENGTHEN the arms, so that the hands reach the knees?

      Hell, at this point it's more plausible that Patterson filmed an unknown biped than that he found magical miraculous shoulder pads which make a person's arm bones lengthen!

      You know you are on losing ground when your counter theories are far kookier than the original phenomenon you are attacking. That is Skepticism 101 and these skeptards fail it every day on this blog. They never learn this simple concept.

      Skeptards, your counter-theory must be at least as plausible as the theory you are countering:

      If you want to say that Patterson didn't film an unknown biped, don't attempt this by saying that pink and purple tiny dancing jumping hopping aliens helped him set up the scene, developed Patty the Robot, and showed Gimlin how to remotely control the robot from horseback, while Patterson manned the camera.

      It's less plausible than that Patterson simply filmed this unknown biped.

      It's Skepticism 101. Skeptards keep creating new outlandish fantasies in attempts to artifically make something extra complicated, rather than accept the simple and obvious explanation.

      These skeptards need new material.


  3. Why worry about protection. If BF is out there, he has managed to stay hidden for years now. If such a creature exists, not even the best equipment has been able to bring him out to the full extent. No amount of things written on paper will keep the shot from being fired. So spend the effort on finding him first, then worry about his prolonged safety.

  4. This venue supports those unworthy of attention, dont give them your money.


    Mission Plan:

    1. Attempt to preempt/short-circuit Sykes study publication by tailoring a tin foil hat for the doctor's head and continuing the smear campaign.

    2. If the Sykes results show only known animals, hurriedly withdraw the tin foil hats and smear campaign and embrace Sykes.

    3. Claim that neutral findings of known animals prove a negative, that bigfoot doesn't exist. (Please enjoy this fantasy.)

    4. If the Sykes study reveals the existence of an unidentified (hitherto by DNA) hominin, switch gears, ignore it, and attack the PGF, and claim that Patty is not one of these unknown creatures discovered by Sykes. (This must be done at all costs.)

    5. If the Sykes study reveals the existence of an unknown hominin, redouble your efforts in attempting to fit the doctor with a tin foil hat. (This is imperative.)

    6. If more clear footage, especially if linked with DNA per Sykes, comes to light of a creature appearing obviously to be of the same species as Patty, with the huge buttocks, enormous arm length, and the other matching details, though you will now have to accept the existence of the creatures, you must continue to attack and berate the PGF and all of those connected to it and decry it as fake, despite the mountain of evidence standing before you. (This is also imperative.)

    7. To be clear, if bigfoot is proven to exist with another film in conjunction with DNA, no matter how precisely the creature filmed matches Patty, you must continue to proclaim the PGF a fake. This is our battle cry, and our main talking point.

    We'll be seeing you on the usual skeptoid sites and forums.

    We wish you good luck.