Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bigfoot Tales: Arkansas Bigfoot Attack

While Bigfoot attacks are rare, there are many stories them being very aggressive with humans. In this latest Bigfoot Tales, author D.L.Soucy discusses an Arkansas account that took place in 1865.

"The Wild Man Again"

For those of you looking for a quick horror fix instead of an education, jump to the article at about 8:00 into the video. For the rest of you that are truly interested in Bigfoot...

This article is taken from the April 1856 issue of the Western Literary Messenger, and involves a short piece about what was then referred to as the Wild Man of Arkansas. This subject had apparently been terrifying women and children in the region of northern Louisiana, southern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. There were several articles written at the time with varying accounts, but this one seemed to be the most interesting.

Unfortunately, the piece was not written by a regular reporter, but by a correspondent, and as such lacks substantiation on several points, such as the exact locale. The writer was from what the article called Parailifta, but there is no such town in AK. However, there is a Paraclifta. There also is no Brant lake in Arkansas, which is where the writer says this incident occurred, but their was a lake once called Bryant lake, now Eagle Lake located in AK. These errors could be easily attributed to spelling errors. But they sully the integrity of the piece.

This will most likely be my last full length analysis of historical Bigfoot/wild man articles.

Follow along as I share the article, and comment as to whether I believe this to be a true.

Bigfoot tale, or is it just another fanciful tale?


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