Monday, April 2, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting In Northern Michigan, April 5

On April 5th, Matt Moneymaker and the Finding Bigfoot team will be holding a town hall meeting at the Houghton Lake Playhouse at 6:00 pm.

If you're anywhere near Prudenville, Michigan, this Thursday's your chance to finally meet Ranae, Matt Moneymaker, Cliff and Bobo and hear some amazing stories!

Houghton Lake Playhouse
1701 W. Houghton Lake Drive (M-55), Prudenville, Michigan



  1. thats a great way to get a bunch of people turning up who have never seen a bigfoot but want to get on tv.......

  2. Houghton Lake is a great place to hold their meeting. It is probably the largest tourist and vacation mecca in the lower peninsula. Just to the west of this large lake is endless forest and swamps where my family hunted deer starting in the 1920's with my Grandfather.
    Houghton Lake is also the home of a very well respected Bfro researcher, Don Peer, who I had the pleasure of meeting last summer. Don's teenage son actually had a Bigfoot sighting on one of their excursions.

    I imagine they will concentrate on the Huron National Forest to the North and West which registers the most documented sightings in Michigan. Good luck to the team.


  3. How much activity has there actually been up in these parts? Never thought it to be much of a hot bed and nothing recent comes to mind.

  4. Now,
    Let's all hold hands and walk through the woods.
    Hopefully we'll flush the "Squatches" out and into the waiting arms of the film crew.

  5. Preety stupid going out in those woods without weapons. What are you nuts? lol