Thursday, August 11, 2011

Erickson Project: Olympic Project benefactor has huge blown-up picture of Bigfoot hanging on his wall

Artist rendition of Hersom's living room with Bigfoot portrait

There's more to this story than just a huge blown-up trailcam picture of Bigfoot hanging on the wall of a rich man's house. Today, we learned from Robert, who learned from sources familiar with the matter that Bigfoots have hunched backs to give them powerful muscles in the chest and shoulders.

We also learn why Bigfoots walk flatfooted. According to Robert, one of his sources spoke with a professor who said that the flatfooted walk, the midtarsal break and the bent-kneed gait are necessary in order to support all that weight. If they did not walk they way they did, the professor said, the weight of their bodies would be so much that it would break a non-bendable human type foot.

You learn something new everyday when you visit Bigfoot Evidence. Please enjoy the rest of the article by Robert Lindsay posted August 11, 2011:

Bigfoot News August 11, 2011

World exclusive: First photos released of actual Bigfoot blood and tissue as proven by science. We are proud to present what we feel are the first photos of what we feel is Bigfoot blood and tissue as proven by science. The photo below, we think, came from a habituation site in Vermont that was part of the Erickson Project.

Sources tell us that all of the six samples submitted by the EP to Melba Ketchum’s DNA project have tested positive as coming from a Bigfoot by Ketchum’s standards. That doesn’t mean they are proven to have come from a Bigfoot. That depends on whether or not you believe in Ketchum’s science, and we do so far. As this was apparently one of the six samples, it appears that the only logical conclusion is that the blood and tissue depicted below must have tested positive by Ketchum as coming from a Bigfoot.

Exclusive photo: the first ever photo of what apparently
is Bigfoot tissue and blood, as apparently proven by science.
This biological matter apparently came from one of
the Erickson Project's habituation sites, this one I believe in Vermont.

Wally Hersom, moneybags behind the Olympic Project (OP), revealed for first time as the very wealthy benefactor of Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA project. Wally Hersom is the money man behind the Olympic Project. He is a very wealthy man, a multimillionaire. He has much more money than Adrian Erickson of the Erickson Project. I do not know how he made his money. For some time now, we have known that Dr. Ketchum had a mysterious benefactor who wished to remain anonymous.

We just learned his name from a confidential source the other day. Hersom is funding the MtDNA and NuDNA sequencing for Ketchum’s project (KP). The NuDNA costs up to $11,500 per sample and hardly any submitters can afford it, so someone needs to pay for it, and Wally’s the man. We have heard nothing but good things about Hersom, and we think he is playing a positive role in the community in general.

But as you can see, the OP and the KP have profoundly deep ties. This is why Derek Randles and Justin Smeja are always saying that they can’t say this or that due to some NDA. Both of them are all wrapped up in NDA’s due to the tangled mess of the OP and KP. The NDA’s are due to a business relationship.

In short, the OP and KP hope to make money off the discovery of Bigfoot. In Ketchum’s case, the path to the ca$$$$h seems clearer. I can’t see how Hersom is going to make his money back, especially if he signed one of Ketchum’s ugly NDA’s. But that’s probably what’s motivating Hersom’s NDA’s. He’s probably trying to recoup some of his investment.

Sierra Kills Bigfoot bodies or parts were probably secreted away by the OP and KP to protect investments of time and money. Let’s think about this. The bodies or body parts in the Sierra Kills, if revealed to the public and media right away at the time of discovery, could conceivably have put the kibosh on the KP, thereby wasting the money Hersom sunk into it and upstaging Ketchum and essentially wasting her time and money too.

It was essential that the bodies or body parts be secreted away and not revealed to the public in order to protect Hersom and Ketchum’s time and money that they had sunk into the project. It’s understandable that folks want to protect their investments of time and money, but in this case, it has resulted in a delay of the potential discovery of Bigfoot by probably over a year and possibly more time. As always in Bigfootery, science takes a back seat to ca$$$$h.

Why Adrian Erickson won’t reveal his killer Bigfoot videos. First of all, it’s not true that Erickson can’t show his videos until Ketchum’s DNA project is completed. He can release them anytime he wants. But Erickson wants to wait for DNA results to reveal his videos, some of which he has been sitting on for 6 years now.

If Erickson were to release his videos now, they would cause a firestorm of controversy. The professional skeptics in the scientific community and media would rampage all over the videos, and the inevitable verdict, as with the P-G film, is that the videos would be denounced as hoaxes. The skeptics and scofftics would trash Erickson, Pfohl, Hadj-Chikh and the rest, digging up dirt on them to trash their lives and reputations just like they did to Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin and the rest.

Erickson knows they are going to trash his videos, but he thinks they will stand up better with DNA evidence to back them up. Erickson’s position, which I agree with, is that no matter how good Bigfoot videos are these days, they will always be accused of being hoaxes. It’s not possible to produce the “good enough” photo or video that the skeptics demand because it doesn’t exist in any possible universe.

Olympic Project probably went to Sierra Kills site immediately after the shootings. Based on an interview with a source with deep connections to the OP who must remain anonymous because they could possibly be under an NDA, I conclude that it is very likely that the OP went to the Sierra Kills almost immediately after they were notified of the shootings.

Derek Randles of the OP has said that the OP could not make it down there until this August, 10 months after the shooting, because it cost too much money, and the OP could not afford to go there. He the reasons why they could not go for nearly as year were because it cost $3,000, there was snow on the ground, and he runs a couple of businesses. However, this statement does not appear to be true.

We know this because the source told us that as soon as the OP heard about the Sierra Kills, they immediately put plans together for a recovery operation. So it appears that constraints such as lack of money, Randles two businesses, snow on the ground, etc. were not operative. The OP are known for good reason as the “boots on the ground” guys in Bigfoot research. They go anywhere, do anything, and don’t let weather or terrain stop them.

Further, it is dubious that Justin Smeja, the shooter of the two Bigfoots, went back to the site alone as he has said. For one thing, he changed his story. First he said he went back alone two weeks later. Then he said he went back with the driver a few days later. But it does not appear that he could have gone back up alone.

Immediately after the killings of the Bigfoots, he was not in any position to go back there, and he was not going up there anytime soon. Suddenly he ends up going back there. Put it all together. Smeja, the driver and the OP must have all gone back to the Sierra Kills site very soon after the Bigfoots were killed. It’s the only conclusion that makes any sense.

According to the BFRO homepage under “Questions of the Month,” OP moneybags Wally Hersom has a gigantic Bigfoot photo in his home, refuses to release it. Did it come from the OP? The OP has a reputation as one of the Bigfoot groups that always puts science in front of money. That stellar reputation is now much in doubt. Consider statements about the many trailcams that the OP has set up. The OP has always said that the minute they get a Bigfoot on cam with one of their trailcams, they will release the photo to the public.

However, if you walk into Wally Hersom’s (The OP’s benefactor) home, you can see a huge blown-up photo of a Bigfoot that was shot with the OP’s own trailcams. So if its theirs, why won’t they release it to the web like they promised? Follow the money. NDA’s, movie deals, book deals…maybe the OP is looking to make money off that photo the same way they are looking to make money off Smeja’s Bigfoot steak.

It’s all about the ca$$$$h. Some longtime supporters of the OP are disgusted at this line they have taken and consider them to be sellouts. In reality, they’ve just got Bigfoot fever.

OP lied about solid Bigfoot evidence, said they would release it immediately to the public but never did. The OP always insisted that if they ever got solid evidence of Bigfoots’ existence such as a body or a part of a body, they would immediately go public with it. So what happened when they got at least a part of a body, and quite possibly much more? They secreted it away to Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA study, where it’s now all locked up with NDA’s, book deals, movie deals, etc. It’s all about the ca$$$$h.

Bigfoots have hunched backs to give them powerful muscles in the chest and shoulders. One thing about Bigfoots that is little known is that they have a sort of a hunched back. In fact, this is just about a diagnostic sign of them. One wonders the reason for the hunched back. The hunched back serves to give them much more weight on the huge shoulders and upper back and also pushes a lot of the weight onto the huge chest.

Why Bigfoots walk flatfooted. Bigfoots have a flatfooted walk, whereas humans do not. The midtarsal break and the flatfooted walk that the Bigfoots have is necessary. One of our sources spoke with a professor who said that the flatfooted walk, the midtarsal break and the bent-kneed gait are necessary in order to support all that weight. If they did not walk they way they did, the professor said, the weight of their bodies would be so much that it would break a non-bendable human type foot.



  1. Where'd you get that artist rendition of Wally's room from? That's weird. Weird cool.

  2. Isn't that how we all imagine a rich man's house would look like? :)

  3. I try to follow Bigfoot news as much as possible, and it seems like this site is the only one keeping up with the "Melba" gossip. Even if its all a fabricated story, I at least want to KNOW what's being said out there! I don't know who runs "Bigfoot Evidence", but I appreciate all of these constant updates -- both the good ones and the obvious sketchy ones. At least it's interesting reading!

  4. I agree with what anonymous said. The constant updates are great, even the "sketchy" ones. We need to keep the topic alive!

  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. Let's not also forget who's doing the digging. We like to thank Robert Lindsay for his coverage on the Erickson project.

  6. I am visiting to try and update and clarify a comment I made on an earlier seems fine as you have updated with most recent blog posts.

    To Paulides I had directed specific questions about the Ethiccs boundaries of the study...and no response.

    I made a comment that I am getting to the point that I hopes this all falls apart (not to hurt the BF researchers)....and here's why..

    If this DNA study is discredited for whatever reasons... and all this hype falls back into the very deep and dark psyche of Mythology of our popular culture Bigfoots will have a chance at surviva beyond our own decent...

    They don't need us, don't want to know us and especially don't want to be harvested for scientific study or Big Game Trophies and I doubt desire their children rounded up and sent to "Indian Schools."

    The Wilderness System works on many levels for them (and apparently the night allows adequate cover in less remote areas).. it keeps us out with our motors and guns...we have to walk! LOL they will always be safe from the individuals there....

    Our Government I feel certain knows, since Robert Lyle Laverty took the photos of Patty's tracks at Bluff Creek that fateful weekend..and then continued from his first summer as a Ranger to Asst. Secretary of the Interior... a metoric rise through the Forest Service!

    He knows something and he helped keep a lid on it and a solution of opinion anyway. Is it perfect? Nope...I resent our Government's Paternaistic approach to both Sas and Citizens...

    But, after trying to penetrate the Bigfoot "research" world for several years..seraching for the altruistic, those dedicated to science/knowledge and not profit...I can't find any! And our Government currently represents the most responsible response I have seen so far.

    And so, proof for me now, is a messy idea.

    ...Erickson told me "I just want to prove the species." Why? That doesn't bring protection or understanding...just your name associated with that big bang Proof...

    He demonstrated his lack of anthropology or understanding of huntergather tribes with the baiting program...twinkies, pancakes...great stuff don't you think?

    It was all about getting that "prize" and walking away from the hard work of real observation - say Goodall style -....

    One could argue that proof is the first step for serious and responsible anthro studies (hands off is the norm "we" as BF researchers have already blown that mandate for modern anthropologists....).

    The reson we don't have proof in 40 years since the Bluff Creek footage is because of the Bigfoot Researchers... from Green's commitment to Apes and Meldrums..and so on....

    It seems all are more interested in advancing only the evidence that serves them...across the board.....

    Science and academic infighting are really bad... but they pale in comparison to this non-filed.

    It needs to end and I fear "proof" will bring even more of the same....maybe this DNA study going down discredited for whatever reasons will begin the move away from running out in the field to find Bigfoots and watching bad TV shows and bad youtubes of self appointed "hunters and researchers."

    So, if it falls apart.. the Bigfoot Research will become even more of a pariah to careers ...and so protect Sasquatch by our very ignorance.

    I'd prefer a guy like Biscardi in the field for all the would guarantee their continued cloacked existence!

  7. I do want to add that yes, it seems Bigfoots pick those they choose to interact with. Trust can be won....and betrayed. They are extremely discerning. They were betrayed in the case of the glass plate and offerred pancakes....?
    Did you know jane Goodall still takes heat (and fairly accepted heat) for offerring bananas at camp to entice the Chimps in....she eventually used that method to deliver medicines... not glass or twinkees...

  8. Don't believe a word of it.... Lindsay the 'Silver Fox' knows nothing and his piece is written as if by some kid trying to impress their teacher. This load of old bollocks is the worst kind of trashy web based 'journalism' and its based on lies, supposition and a well known condition where attention seeking and shit stirring are someones only source of entertainment.

    Shawn, i like this site and what you do, but you hang your hat too much on this guy.