Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bigfoot Hunters: Former Special Forces Officer and State Police Investigator seeking squatching partner, Washington State

A reader sent us an email seeking help for a Bigfoot expedition he's planning for next month. He's looking for 2 to 3 people to travel up to the Cascade mountains in Washington to investigate some activities that he had previously experienced. Just recently he was chased out of an old mining area by something large and bipedal. He also had someone or something throw rocks at them while walking near a stream.

You can contact John at bingma02@gmail.com.

Read below for details:

I recently posted a comment at your website. I am former military (special forces) and a former state police investigator. I travel to remote locations in the Cascade mountains in Washington state in search of old mining camps/mines for historical value.

Recently on two trips I have had some interesting experiences with a large bipedal "something" follow me out of an area and another instance where someone or something threw rocks into a nearby stream as I walked by but not at me as if to attract my attention?? I have spoken to "locals" and native americans who have "encounters" with a large bipedal "something" and I am convinced through conversations with them they have seen something.

The native americans tell me there is a tribe of these "whatever" living in two areas and advised me not to travel there ? It is a very remote location high in a mountainous region (5500 ft). I am planning a trip there next month and plan to spend 3 or 4 days there. I am looking for 2 or 3 people to travel with me as it is very remote and not a place for the "meek".

I am only looking for experienced people, preferable one male and one female. Former military would be a "plus". I only desire to prove or disprove the existance of a large bipedal "whatever" in the Cascade mountains. I am serious and have been in contact with Dr. Jeff Meldrum from Idaho State University concerning this topic.

Something is making footprints. I believe if this "whatever" exists it is not "ape" or animal. It is very intelligent and operates at a human level and may be human??


Additional Info:
I operate completely different than BFRO and communicate very little with them for various reasons. I travel in "serious" camo similar to that of a special forces sniper. I use human scent blocker. I have night vision, various cameras and audio recorders.

I operate entirely in "stealth" mode unlike BFRO. I get "down and dirty" and will absolutely face anything out there. I do not make noise or talk. If anyone travels with me they must use very little voice and operate mainly with hand signals.

From what I have learned from people who have had encounters with "whatever" these things are very smart and elusive. If you do not operate at their levels you will only see shadows if you are lucky as they "play" games with you out there in the "wild". I know as I have tracked humans previously and had them track me.

It is not a "walk in the park" or a "sunny day hike". To be successful I believe you have to be very focused and serious. This is no "game". Yes, you can post this on your blog. I leave with or without anyone on Saturday, September 3 and will return on the following Thursday or Friday.

FYI - I am attaching a few pics of the area where I am going next month. Just so anyone knows what they are "getting into"!


  1. Oh man, that sounds awesome! Good luck.

  2. I still have not found anyone to go up to the "forbidden" mountain. I am leaving on Oct 1 at 0500 due to other committents and the end of the 2011 Salmon run here in Washington state. I am taking all of October to check out this area. I still have not "takers" for people to go with me so I am going it alone as before. All of the researchers tell me "good luck" and share anything with them when I return, yeah right!! I will only share anything I find with anyone that goes with me. I just want or who to find out what is "running" people out of this area and why no one will go there??

  3. Hey has anyone heard if he found anything, or if he came back from there? Just a little more than curious?

  4. He ended up as a Squatch turd....